In the world of physics, (which many of us would agree is a credible source of knowledge), energy in the universe is finite. So what does that mean? What does that have to do with reincarnation?

This means that there is a definite amount of energy in the universe… the same amount… and all of us are made up of nothing but energy.

Without energy, you and I would not be here. The fact that we can speak, and walk, or even stand, is all dependent on the fact energy is inside of our bodies. We are made up entirely of energy, and our conscious mind is made up entirely of energy.

Now think about it this way: Energy is never created, it is only recycled. If energy cannot be created or destroyed, that means anytime something “new” in the universe is created, it is only recycled energy.

Energy is never new. We are never new.

If energy is finite and is only recycled, that means we are recycled energy. Our entire body, mind and spirit have been in this universe since the moment the universe was created. (Which of course is still in discussion and undiscovered.) Nonetheless, you are much older than your current age. This science proves that reincarnation is real according to physics. It proves that reincarnation is the only explanation of life and death.

When we pass away, our energy may leave our body, but it never leaves the universe. If our energy, which is what we are, never leaves the universe… where does it go?

Really let that sink in because if you really understand what I am saying and how the science of this works… you will see the obvious connection between who we are now and our eternal life. You will see clearly that reincarnation is real and is scientifically proven.

We Never Die

After thinking this through, it only makes sense that maybe our energy transforms into another host over time. Maybe for some time it remains in the form of wind, sound or dirt. But energy is always transforming. Remember- energy is never new, only recycled.

Let’s take Cleopatra for example. Where is her energy today? According to physics she never left and will never leave this universe because her energy has just been recycled into something (or someone) else.

Does that mean all of time is just an illusion? Are we living in some sort of time loop where we are alive, and death is just another word for transformation?

We would probably all agree Cleopatra is dead. We can also agree she was alive in the past and she probably lived an exciting but tragic life of love, war and power. However, would we all agree that her experiences and knowledge left with her when she died?

This is the very thing I am challenging, and science itself challenges. Her energy never left this universe when she died. Therefore, she is not really dead. She never will be. She is no longer in her body of course, she is somewhere else. Nonetheless, she is here. Does this mean her memory, experiences and life lessons are floating around in the universe as well?

She is here somewhere. Maybe not in the form of the Egyptian Queen (Cleopatra was actually Greek), however, in the form of a plant or animal… or maybe disbursed amongst many life forms. Perhaps, she is even alive as one of us here today.

Maybe those with past life memories have maintained some of their previous consciousness. In essence, they are “Cleopatra” but they have no idea. They look different, have a different name, different family, and they have little to no memory of a past life.

The scientific reality is that all of us have lived past lives and all of us will live future lives. As far as we know in the explainable universe, we are living in an eternal time loop.

We are not born, and then we die. We have an energy… a consciousness that is present in the universe at all times, and if we lose our body, as all of us will, we don’t actually lose our mind. Our “mind/being” remains. I believe that helps explain evolution, why species are always improving and evolving as a unit. The soul of the world is one giant nucleus and we are immortal.  

The Universal Law Of Reincarnation

Here is the crazy part. This is not only theory, it is a law. The law of conservation of energy states that:

“The total energy of an isolated system remains constant, it is conserved over time. This law really means that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another.”

What is a universal law? Well, if you walk off a building you are going to fall. That’s the law of gravity. A law is a law. It has to happen that way. As far as we know, there is no way around these universal laws.

If you find a human being who can walk off a building and float, let’s talk. As far as I know, no one can do that.

Now that you have all of this information to contemplate, really think about it. We never truly die. Reincarnation is real according to physics and the universal law of conservation energy.

We are immortal because we never leave this universe. Our energy simply transforms into something else. Eventually, it may transform into a “new” life. That my friends… is a universal law.

If you think it seems like a bold claim that all scientific evidence and universal laws point to the fact that we are in fact constantly reincarnated through time, just remember what Sir Issac Newton himself said:

“No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess.”

reincarnation is real
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