Rooftop pools are the best place to be during summer in Los Angeles, and the attire is so much more than a basic swimsuit. LA locals go all out with their looks. That plain black suit you wore to your aunt’s pool last summer just won’t do this time!

From body chains to cover ups, I’ll let you in on all the best looks for what to wear to a rooftop pool in LA, here is the rundown. 

A Killer Swimsuit

Bikinis are always sexy, but the most popular look at the moment is a killer one piece or a high-waisted bikini. For one pieces, I’m talking about the ones that have a thigh high waist line cut with a dramatic plunge. Imagine yourself rocking one of these suits while laying in the cabana with a cosmopolitain– perfection. (*Side note, click on the button down black suit, you NEED to see the sexy back!!*)

Throw On a Dainty Body Chain

Does this seem like a little much? Trust me, it’s not and you’ll kill it! I like to go with dainty body chains that are only noticeable when the sun hits you (or if someone is really really staring). A body chain is the best way to add a little something to your look and they look great with a plunge one piece.

An Elegant Coverup

Chances are you need to walk through the entrance of a trendy hotel to get to your rooftop pool destination. It is very important you look great and have a chic swim cover on. This will dramatically increase your chances of getting in. Not to mention, it looks much more elegant to be strutting around with your cover up when you aren’t lounging or actually in the pool. I’m obsessed with the red one!

Colorful Shades

Your best look will be colorful shades that brighten up your environment and add a pop of color to your outfit. I always wear my yellow shades. Dare someone to kill your mood when you have yellow sunshine shades on. It won’t happen. Also, you’re gonna need shades… I mean come on, the glistening toned bodies will blind you up there.

A Chic Tote Bag

Something’s got to hold your bronzing oil, phone and towels. A tote bag is one of the most chic accessories you can have at a rooftop pool. It truly ties your look together and you will be sure to get a zillion compliments. My tote bag is one of my top conversation starters 🙂

High Heels: Beige Wedges

Practically every girl will have adorable wedges on at the rooftop scene. You can’t have a killer one piece, a dainty body chain, cover up, shades and a rockin’ tote bag with some lame flip flops on!! Beige or pastel colored wedges are the only way to go at a rooftop pool in LA, trust me. It will be your best summer investment.

You’re all set to dress your best at the trendiest rooftop pools in LA! My first time at a rooftop pool party, I had no idea what I was doing. I showed up in, let’s just say, a less than chic look.. more along the lines of what not to wear to a rooftop pool. I would never let you go through that embarrassing experience. Look your best and you will feel your best. Always be confident in your beautiful body and rock your rooftop look 🙂

Now that you’re all ready to rooftop pool hop all around town, check out my list of the top 5 rooftop pools in LA and how to get in. You’re dominating the city baby!

what to wear to a rooftop pool in los angeles

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