Finding shoes that don’t kill your feet after miles of walking is close to impossible, and it’s something I gave up on years ago. I have tried all of the popular recommendations- including Birkenstocks (hate them). The solution I have been settling for is wearing tacky running shoes with my cute outfits… BUT NO MORE! Introducing the most comfortable shoes ever:

I found a shoe, a very special shoe, in an unlikely place (jk, an outlet store in NYC). I was wearing high heel boots and I knew I was going to die if I kept walking around the city in them. In that outlet store, I found these cute, light, thin, slip on sneakers by Madden Girl. I didn’t think much of them, actually my mom found them and insisted I try them on. “They’re only $27!” she insisted.

I tried them on and they were surprisingly super cute and comfortable, so I bought them and figured if they’re uncomfortable after 30 minutes of walking, at least they were cheap.

To my surprise, hours of walking later, the shoes felt like a part of my feet- hands down the most comfortable shoes I have ever had. I wouldn’t shut up about them the entire NYC trip. I don’t mean to sound like a freak rambling about how amazing these shoes are but seriously… these shoes!!! If I could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of my life, it would be these.

When I got back home, I bought another pair on Amazon. These shoes made such a large impact on my life (never underestimate the importance of great shoe) that I needed to share it with everyone. You can shop the most comfortable shoes right here on Amazon.

comfortable shoes for walking

5 Major Benefits of The Most Comfortable Shoes:

  • Only $27 dollars
  • THE most comfortable shoe- ever.
  • Super cute design, makes your foot look small and cute 🙂
  • Has a rubber toe that comes up slightly so when it rains your feet don’t get wet. (I wore them in the rain. It was awesome.)
  • No need to tie shoe laces, they’re slip ons!

So if you want to change the life of your feet I highly recommend you buy these. If after 14 days you decide you don’t like them- sell them to me if you’re my size! 😉 (I’m a 9!)

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