If you want to make money working online, starting a social media marketing agency is a great way to do it. All businesses need help with their social media. It has become the holy grail of business growth! If you can learn how to manage and grow people’s social accounts, you can make a full time income doing it.

When I went about starting my social media marketing agency, I wanted the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, be my own boss, and pretty much have the freedom to pick my own working hours.

I spend thousands in courses learning how to build my business and finally decided to quit my job before I even had any clients. I took a scary leap of faith, and once I did, I had two clients within the next two months.

So if you want to learn what it takes to make money with a social media marketing agency, here it goes:

1. Choose a Business Name & Make It Official (And Legal)

First off, if you want to do freelance work instead of making this and official business, proceed to step 2! If you want to jump right in and make it an official business, you’ll need to come up with a business name. Don’t think too long and hard on it. Just jot down ideas that come to you and circle your favorite. šŸ™‚ My business name is “Digital Marketing Storm LLC” to give you an idea. Focus music on YouTube will get some ideas flowing.

After you pick your business name, you should register your business to make it official and legal. You can register for an LLC super easily at LegalZoom.com. A cheaper option is to register your business as a “DBA” (Stands for: Doing Business As) with your state. Either way you do it, it shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars to register your business. You can read more detailed instructions by visiting the U.S. Small Business Administration website.

(P.S. You CAN start off getting client’s as a freelancer and not starting as an official business, but for credibility and tax purposes you might want to start an official business.)

2. Create A Sales Machine Website

Having a website makes you more credible when you’re going out and getting clients. I use LeadPages for my business website since they make it so easy to build a landing page website that converts customers. People are constantly booking calls with me directly from my LeadPages site. When people want to learn about your services, you can connect a free Calendly account to your LeadPages website and they can book a call with you strait from your website. That’s exactly what I use for my marketing business!

Click here to start your website with Leadpages now!

3. Get All Tools Ready For Running Client’s Social Media

Once you get your business registered and your website up, you need a couple tools to run your business. Your main focuses when running a social media marketing company is:

  1. Post daily amazing content
  2. Grow the social media accounts by engaging their target audience
  3. Run Facebook Advertising campaigns for your client’s business (This is a great service to offer to your clients to help their business grow faster and make a lot more sales! Plus, you can charge more for your services.)

If you want to get going starting a social media marketing agency, these tools will keep yourself organized and efficient:

SocialPilot – this website lets you pre-schedule posts across all social media channels for multiple clients, it’s super easy to use. Scheduling posts ahead of time will save you so much time. Most social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite or Buffer can’t handle as many accounts as SocialPilot and aren’t as easy to use. SocialPilot has way better features so that’s why I use it for my business. Trust me, I’ve tried them all. You can pre-schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

Without a social media scheduling tool, you’ll be wasting so much time every day trying to sign it, sign out, put the social media post together on every client’s social media account every day… ugh. If there’s one tool you need to grow your business it’s this one.

social media marketing agency posting tool

Kicksa – an amazing instagram growth tool that will get your clients a ton of new followers and engagement. It does this by targeting your ideal followers and attracting people to your client’s Instagram account. You can see below how quickly Instagram accounts can grow with Kicksta. My new client’s account is up 149 followers in 16 days. Those new followers are new customers who are purchasing their products šŸ™‚

grow your client's instagram in your social media marketing agency by using Kicksta

Canva – An amazing (free) website that let’s you build awesome social media graphics without needed any Photoshop knowledge. Use Canva to create social media graphics and templates to use across the board on your client’s social media accounts. A great way to do it: pre-make all of the graphics at the beginning of each week and then put them all in an editorial calendar view like Planoly.

Planoly – an instagram visual planning tool that will help you see what to post for the days ahead and keep the look of your account consistent. Planoly is free for one Instagram account, but once you have multiple client’s you’ll need to start paying a small fee for this service. It will save you a ton of Instagram planning time.

4. Get Your First Client!

So you’re starting a social media marketing agency and you have all the tools ready to get going. Now you need to go get some clients!! It’s not as intimidating as it sounds, just follow these simple steps:

Pick a niche:

Picking a niche is really really important when you’re starting out. It will help you get client’s much faster because they will know their type of business is your speciality. Think of a general doctor and a brain surgeon… who get’s paid more? You get the point.

Craft your message:

I help _________ get __________ by __________. You fill in the blanks with your niche. For example, if you decide you want your niche to be authors, you could say: I help authors get more book sales by using targeted social media marketing techniques. Craft it to your niche and this is the message you can use when telling people what you do, as well as what you post on your website and how you will pitch your services to others. My business niche is I help clothing companies get 2-5x more sales by using social media marketing & advertising.

Research Contact Information of Your Niche:

Now you have your message and target market clear. Time to get some clients! All you need to do is reach out to people in your niche and find their contact information. No need to call anyone! All you need to do is find their email address.

Let’s say your niche is authors. Research authors on Google or Amazon, visit their website and go to their contact information. Write out a list of different authors and their emails on a spreadsheet and reach out to at least 5-10 different author’s per day with your message you just crafted!

If you do this for 30 days strait, every single day, I guarantee you will land your first client. Follow this email template and customize it as you see fit:

Hi (name),

I love your (something about their business). I help (your niche) get (whatever result you help them get) by using social media marketing growth techniques. Are you free this week to discuss?

Thank you,

(Your Name)

Now all you have to do is send that same email out 5-10 times per day to people in your niche! (Except make sure to customize the parts in parenthesis!) Once someone emails your back saying they are interested in discussing, that’s where you need to prepare for your sales pitch.

Mastering the Sales Call & Signing On Your First Client:

I know it can be a little scary getting on the phone for the first time with a potential client, but it’s not hard with practice.

All you need to do on a sales call is:

  1. Small talk, say wud up!
  2. Ask them to tell you a little bit about what they’re looking for or hoping for for their business.
  3. Ask them questions about their business, get to know their needs.
  4. Let them know you can help them and ask them if they would like to hear more about what you do
  5. State your pitch! Tell them the results you help your niche achieve and write out a pitch describing your social media services that you feel comfortable with.
  6. Answer any questions they have and then when they ASK for the price, then tell them. (Optional: Give them some kind of incentive or discount off your normal rate if they make a decision to sign up with you on the call.)

If you are wondering what to charge for your services, this varies for everyone but I recommend charging $1,000 / month to start.

If you want to charge less for your first few clients until you feel comfortable you can, but don’t give your services away. You are valuable! And boom! You just got your first client! This takes practice of course and the best way to practice is to get started doing sales calls. Remember that not everyone will sign up and that is totally okay! You will probably land 1 client out of 5-10 sales calls.

5. Collecting Payment

Once you land a client you will need a way to charge their credit card every month. Make sure when you sign on your client you get their credit card information to keep on file. If you don’t do this, you will be kicking yourself when your client is sending you a check weeks after it’s due.

One of the easiest ways to collect payment is by using Stripe.

They charge a processing fee, but the pros heavily outweigh the cons. The amount of people struggling with collecting payment from their clients is immense. If you want people to take your business seriously, you need to manage your business professionally. Stripe allows you to do automatic recurring charges to your clients every month with their credit card on file (and it will send your clients a monthly invoice.) This in itself will allow you to scale your business instead of chasing a payment every time it’s that time of the month.

collect payments for your social media marketing agency with Stripe

Stripe also has an amazing data screen where you can see how much money you have made from which client. It puts more fun into making money when you can see your account grow right in front of you.

6. Scale Your Business – Get More Clients

Getting your first client is the hardest part. Once you land your first clients you will feel confident in yourself and that alone will propel you into landing more and more clients. Keep going through the process I described above to get your first client and all your clients after that. In no time you will have a full blown social media marketing agency that allows you to work online from anywhere in the world and craft your own schedule!

Here is a quick summary of what we covered for your reference:

  1. Choosing A Business Name & Making It Official (And Legal)
  2. Create Your Website
  3. Get All Social Media Marketing Tools Ready
  4. Get Your First Client!
  5. Collecting Payment
  6. Scale Your Business! (And Repeat step 4.)

I hope this guide helps you on your journey starting a social media marketing agency! If you have any questions or need advice on your sales call or anything else, drop me a comment or send me an email here and I will help you in any way I can. Good luck out there, you’ll do great!

how to start a social media marketing agency

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