I was a virtual assistant. I worked from home, took vacations with my family on weekdays and worked from multiple hotel rooms with zero questions asked. 

When people would ask me what I do, and I told them “virtual assistant”, I’d usually get a response along the lines of:

“What’s a virtual assistant? What does a virtual assistant do?”

So I’ll explain everything about what it is and why it’s honestly one of the most incredible (and easiest) ways to work online, and lastly of course, how you can make a full time income online as a virtual assistant.

virtual assistant working from home

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants are just like regular assistants that help business owners with all the things (email management, research, social media, etc) so business owners can focus on the big things (sales, networking, content, etc). The only difference is a virtual assistant works online, meaning you can work from home, or work from anywhere else in the world that has wifi.

I even took a call with my client once while I was sitting in Thomas Jefferson’s backyard, on a trip with my dad in Virginia. The world is your office when you work online!

work from home

Not only do virtual assistants have complete flexibility over their location, they also have complete flexibility over their schedule. This is because there are no “on call” tasks needed. They have multiple clients at a time, so as long as the work gets done that week, the only thing that’s penciled into the the calendar is usually a weekly phone call. All other communication is via email with a 24 hour turnaround time to respond.

Honestly, if you wanted to go to a yoga class at 2pm and get back to work after– or just do it tomorrow, you could do that! You have the freedom to design your schedule the way you want it.

Tasks You Will Do As A Virtual Assistant

There are A LOT of different tasks that can go into being a virtual assistant, all depending on what clients you work with. Below are some of the most common tasks business owners need help with:

  • Email Management: responding to emails for your client
  • Contact Management: This is pretty much where your would manage your client’s contacts and meeting notes. So they might collect business cards that they will send to you, and then you type in the info. Easy.
  • Calendar Management: Someone books an appointment with your client, you add it to their calendar.
  • Social Media Management: Post to their social media accounts! 
  • Graphic Design: Create social media graphics on Canva (it’s really easy to use.)
  • Email Marketing: Send out email blasts for their company.
  • Website upkeep: You won’t always need to do this as a virtual assistant, but if you do, it’s usually with an easy platform to navigate like Wix or Squarespace.
  • Light bookkeeping: What I mean by light bookkeeping is pretty much just saving all of the receipts your client sends you and organizing then in a Dropbox file, and labeling them correctly.
  • Travel booking: Research and book flights, hotels, and local restaurants for your client’s trips.
  • Research: Look up pretty much anything they need. (Example: “Can you find some good event venues in New York for my Halloween Party?” Yes, easy. Here is all of the info in a nice Google Doc.)

Don’t be intimidated by this list!

It’s honestly really easy to learn these skills and package them into a virtual assistant service. You will always be learning new skills as you get clients and adjusting your skills to fit their needs. There are many more things that are not on this list that a client might ask you to do, so always be open to learning new things.

If you are organized, have great written communication skills, and are willing to learn new things, you will make a great virtual assistant! 

So How Do You Actually Go About Becoming A Virtual Assistant?

Starting Your Virtual Assistant Business

If you have multiple years of experience as an assistant, you can apply to work for a competitive virtual assistant company that pairs you up with clients (and takes a big chunk of your profits).

But I’m guessing you don’t have that experience. And, you probably don’t want to give up moolah. So starting your own virtual assistant business is the way to go.

Doing it this way, you can start with no experience, make more money and have more freedom.

So here’s what you need to become a virtual assistant…

1. Pick Your Niche

What services will you offer? And to who? This is important because a virtual assistant is a broad job. Just a few of the things you could specialize in is content, or bookkeeping, or website management, or design.

Or, you could pick the type of business owner you will specialize in. To name a few: real estate agents, online store owners, coaches/consultants, etc. There are a lot of niches out there.

2: Learn The Skills You Need

Once you know who you want to help and what they need help with, start working on your skills with these things. Is it graphics they need? Start toying around with Canva. Is it calendar management? Start practicing your organizational skills on your Google Calendar.

Spent a week or two really familiarizing yourself with the tools your future clients will need you to work with. Most of the time the tools are either free, or they have a 14 day free trial.

3: Set Up Your Website

Now that you have your basics ready to go, you should get a simple website up with your contact information, your about me section, and a summary of your services on it. The best thing to do is get a simple one page sales funnel / landing page on Leadpages. They have beautiful pre-made templates that makes it really easy to set up.

4: Get Clients!

Now that you have your site up, some skills under your belt and your niche selected, it’s time to get some clients. There are many ways to do this, but ultimately you want to reach out to people in your niche and pitch your service.

Join Facebook groups where your niche hang out, find websites and send emails to the business owners, or connect with your niche on LinkedIn and reach out to them there. If you join entrepreneur Facebook groups, people will often even post about wanting to hire a virtual assistant, so be on the lookout and have everything ready so you can reach out to them with confidence!

5: Operations & Servicing Your Client

Now that you have a client (or 5) you need to make sure you manage them and your time efficiently. I’d recommend getting a good planner and time blocking when you’re going to do the work for each client. Since you don’t have a boss, you’ll need to be responsible for your schedule.

Pro tip: Dedicate one day of the week to be your “check in call day” for all of your clients. This way you won’t have to do multiple phone calls throughout the week.

Your Turn: Become A Virtual Assistant + Get High Paying Clients In 90 Days Or Less

Becoming a virtual assistant is a really easy online business to start. You don’t need to have experience, you don’t need a degree, and you don’t need crazy money. If you just follow my proven road map and have a learner’s attitude, you can build your own successful virtual assistant business using the methods I listed above.

I hope this guide has helped you understand the process and what it takes!

If you’re serious about making a full time income online as a virtual assistant and you’re ready to get your business started, check out my free training at onlinebizacademy.com.

In this training, I’ll dive deeper into the methods I talked about in this post and really give you a detailed road map for building your own online business and make a full time income online in the next 90 days. See you inside!

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