Napa Valley: wine haven for city dwellers. If you’d like to retreat to the middle of nowhere with nothing to do but drink wine (and watch grapes shrivel), do so at the vast Vineyards in Napa.

Yes, it’s in the middle of nowhere. But somehow, you’ll feel connected to the city world since this is where they all come anyway to escape.

When in Napa, some may say there isn’t much to do, (and I would agree). However, if you are making a trip to this gorgeous land of Vineyards, and you’re prepared to do nothing but drink wine, make sure you are visiting the best of their 500+ vineyard options along the valley.

When I visited Napa with my mom, our family friend Dale (Napa local) gave us the grand tour of the very best Vineyards to visit.

Chappellet Vineyard

Image a modern wood and glass cave carved into the mountain. That is the enticing, haunting entrance of Chappellet Vineyard. (That is, if you manage to successfully find the entrance without getting lost along the winding road).

Come inside, and you can marvel at, and photograph, the thousands of wine barrels and massive tall ceilings prior to your wine tasting.

Chappellet Vineyard in Napa Valley California

When I sat down for the tasting, I sat next to a film acquisition executive and her husband, the lawyer from Los Angeles.

Told you, same people in Napa as in LA.

We sat at an intimate table with a total of 10 people, and had quiet conversation while tasting our wine. I for one, was more like chugging each glass, because I couldn’t keep up with the new pours.

The tasting eventually came to an end, and as I turned to leave, I noticed a huge vacant wooden desk at the entrance. I found out it was the desk of the founder, Donn Chappellet, who had recently passed away.

They keep his desk exactly as it was at the front of the room where he used to work… haunting!

As you leave the Vineyard, you’ll see adorable goats around the corner of the entrance, thousands of stunning trees, and forks in the road that make it impossible to leave.

Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars

Another stunning Vineyard in Napa: Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars. The wine tasting is outside in the front of the building, allowing you to look over their entire Vineyard while you enjoy some wonderfully presented, fine wine.

The staff explains each and every wine before you taste it and somehow each bottle the server described as his favorite.

The best bottle of wine is called “Jesus’s Juice” by the staff, because… well… it’s that good.

woman at vineyard

Stag’s Leap is everything you would imagine a classic Napa Vineyard to be.

If you’re planning a visit, make sure you call ahead of time and ask for a seat outside along the edge of the Vineyard for optimal picture taking!

Artesa Vineyard (one of the BEST Vineyards in Napa)

This Vineyard is absolutely breathtaking and no photo can capture it’s vast beauty. If you had to choose one of these three Vineyards to visit, I’d say go with this one.

When you arrive, you will see a massive water fountain with even more massive steps you need to walk up to get to the entrance.

Napa Velley Vineyard - Artesa

You know that scene in the Incredibles movie when that Superhero guy visits that one lady who makes his super-suit? Remember how outrageous her house was?

They most definitely modeled that house after this Vineyard.

If Batman had a Vineyard, this would be it.

I don’t know about you, but I’m craving another Napa trip just from writing this. Here are those three Vineyards you need to visit for quick reference:

  1. Chappellet Vineyard
  2. Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars
  3. Artesa Vineyard (one of the best Vineyards in Napa!)

If you’ve been to any epic vineyards in Napa that isn’t one of these three, (I know there are hundreds more that are probably just as incredible), let me know! I would love to add it to my list for my next grape shriveling, rolling rills trip to Napa.

best vineyards in napa california

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