We all have favorite colors we are drawn to, and we are drawn to them for a reason. The colors you wear define your personality! It is one of our main forms of self expression. Think about your wardrobe and what colors you are constantly picking out. Anyone here who has all black in their closet? Do you think that is just a random coincidence your ENTIRE closet is black? After some thorough research on the psychology of colors, I decided to apply my research to fashion and see what colors really say about us.

If you’re anything like me, you wear all kinds of colors because your mood is always changing- so you need several looks to express yourself. Observe what you are wearing right now and take a guess at what those colors could be saying about you before scrolling down.

So what do the colors you wear really say about you?

Black: The Woman of Power

You are powerful, sophisticated and mysterious. You’re probably a major hustler at work and people admire your ambition. People are also slightly intimidated by you and you have a mystic aura. Black is worn in business for that separation feeling. It gives power and strength to your look. Black symbolizes respect in your environment (hence why we wear black at funerals) among other places.
The best places to wear black: on a hot date, for a job interview, at a museum or gallery opening.

Beige, Brown & Earth Tones: The Connected Soul

If you find yourself wearing earthy and nude tones, this means you are connected to yourself, reliable, honest and stable. You treat others with respect and people are drawn to your positivity. You are self aware and always know what you want. Friends and family flock to you for advice and insight on themselves. You blend in wherever you go (in a good way, very cosmopolitain!)
The best places to wear Earth tones: on a safari…lol, at a family gathering, or at a job interview.

Colors quickly effect peoples emotions and influence their moods. They are one of the strongest forms of non verbal communication and if you use them correctly, you can share your identity with the world, or dress to your mood. You can combine colors to combine moods, why do you think color contrast looks so intriguing?

Grey: Friendly Chic

Grey is fashionable and chic. If you find yourself wearing grey often you are probably the most trendy and fabulous out of your group of friends- they envy your fresh and modern style 😉 Other attributes of grey wearing women include modest, focused and fun. (fact: grey looks great on blondes.) You are loving, kind and always look impeccable even when you aren’t trying. A mysterious aura hovers around you, yet you still come off as light and friendly.
The best places to wear grey: shopping with friends, making a first impression at an event, or just be comfy chic at home.

Red: The Perfect Host

You are a drama queen (in the best way) full of energy. As a happy, optimistic, fun person, men and women alike love being around you and are drawn to your vibes. You’re not afraid to put yourself out there and try something new. You are a risk taker on a mission and will be the one throwing the party, not attending one. More importantly, you are the most likely to end up a big baller millionaire woman. (Hell yess.)
The best places to wear red: to a party, to a fancy dinner, or to a Christmas dinner…! 
Ugh I love red and want to buy all of these lol..

Orange: The Conversation Starter

You are a social butterfly always cheering people up wherever you go. Although you are cheerful, you’re also a bit of an odd ball and people love you for it- always keeping it interesting with your conversations. You probably have an exotic beautiful look and people feel welcome when you’re around, you give off a warmth that most people don’t have. Take advantage of your uniqueness and rock some orange every now and then.
The best places to wear Orange: to a mixer or any networking event- people will approach you with questions.

Yellow: Crowd Attractor

Yellow speaks to people, when you wear yellow it truly flaunts your positive outlook on life. A creative soul excited to share your inspiration with others, you are high on life, always joyful and way too fun to hangout with. You probably have a lot of friends and enjoy brunching with the girls, adventurous first dates and making new friends (which is incredibly easy for you.)
The best places to wear Yellow: to the park, to bunch and anywhere you want to make new friends 🙂

Blue: The Mediator 

You are a calm peaceful being that never really loses their temper. People feel safe telling you their deepest secrets. Reliable and kind, you are easy to befriend, although you can be a little stand offish. Blue also represents intelligence, people treat you with respect and frequently look to you for answers. You make long lasting friends and don’t bother with small talk and shallow relationships.  
The best places to wear Blue: to the office or girls night out.

You may not realize when you are picking out your outfit how much your mind is veering towards certain pieces because that is how you’re feeling. In this look below, I am wearing blue and red, seems normal enough- kind of that American flag look lol.. anyways, I’m mixing the drama and boldness of the red bag + lips with a simple statement blue that gives off a calm cold look, a bold combination with contracting meanings… that’s me, bold and confusing!

Green: The Go-Getter

I think you love money? lol.. no but really, if you wear green you have a fresh take on life and you always make your own rules. Incredible ideas frequently cross your mind and you have the courage to pursue them even if others think you’re crazy for it. Creators like yourself don’t come around all too often. You are incredibly self aware and you know exactly what you need to do next in life. As a secure source for insecure people, you reassure others to be present and remind them to live their most fulfilling desires. 
The best places to wear green: to the bank 😉 — to business meetings.

Purple: The Royal Woman

You’re a royal queen and people flock to your powerful and elegant looks. You have a unique personality full of vibrance and life. Because of your fearlessness, others are drawn to your confidence and power, they aspire to be like you. Your royal presence gives you grace and kindness without taking away the power to stand up for yourself and follow your heart. Nothing stands in your way.
The best places to wear purple: to a show/play, to a romantic dinner or to a trendy bar with friends.
Play around with your wardrobe and discover who you are through what colors you are drawn to. Our clothes and colors can tell us a lot about ourselves. We may have a specific personality but we can continue to become whoever we want to be through colors (and our mindset). 
Discover Your Personality Based on Colors You Wear
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