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Hey, I’m Amy! I’m 24, I live in Los Angeles, and I love building online businesses.

I have a constant desire for freedom and a passion for travel, no matter how much self discipline, tenacity and sacrifice comes with that. So I’m pretty much dedicating my life to unlocking the code of online business and self development.

Everything I do is to push this freedom mission forward. Whether that means learning about side hustle online jobs, how to get them, what the best ones are… all the way to what the best online businesses are, how to start them, how to grow them, how to have the best mindset, how to embrace spirituality, how to align with your purpose, and the list goes on and on!

Because it’s really not just about the travel, right?

It’s about feeling completely free. Being able to go where you want whenever you want to. It’s the feeling of self independence, endless possibilities, constant adventure, new faces, new food. Complete and total aliveness.

If you don’t design your own life’s plan, chances are you’ll fall into somebody else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not Much. ~ Jim Rohn

But right now I’m in a non-traveling, non-business building phase of my life. I am working as an assistant / apprentice to a man named Sam Ovens. You might not know who that is, but to keep it simple, he’s a successful guy who is super good at online business.

I took one of his online business courses, started my own online business (doing digital marketing services) and I got my first few customers. But when I started the business, I had a lot of expenses and didn’t want to plummet into survival mode with no money. So I worked as a virtual assistant on the side, which truly supported me through the online business journey.

Working on a side hustle online is a powerful way to launch yourself into the online work world. It’s the fast track to travel, gives you cash flow, and supports you financially (and emotionally) while you build the dream life and business.

But when the opportunity popped up to work for Sam in person, I knew it would be a great idea to learn as much as I can from him.

So I closed my online business, quit my virtual assistant work, and sat my ass down in an office chair to learn from an online business master. (Which is where I’m at now.)

So for now, I’m learning a ton about online business, so that in the near future I can… yup you guessed it. Work and travel, and and help others take the short cut to work and travel.

So good news. I know it can be done!

You can absolutely, positively, work online and travel if that is your dream.

For now, in my newer posts (August 2019 and beyond), I’ll be writing about places I want to go to, since I’m in a non-traveling period of my life right now.

(If you’re curious where I was before beginning my online business journey, I was working in real estate since I was about 18 and it wasn’t for me. I realized I was just trying to make as much money as I could so that I could travel. Now I know there’s a better way! But every day I would spend my free time browsing travel photos online of all the stunning countries in the world and dreaming of working on a fulfilling online business.)

To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice – Elizabeth Gilbert

So thank you so much for your support. I hope you have the courage to pursue your wildest dreams of work and travel. Because it’s not as crazy as it seems 🙂

Me running around the lost city of Pompei, Italy

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