If you don’t like striking conversations with total strangers, these shoes might just be your meal ticket to break the ice with a couple laughs. Not to mention, all your friends will be wondering where you bought your “statement” shoes under $25 😉

Sam Edelman released a collection of witty photo phrase flats that are hilariously clever. Even better, they’re for sale on Amazon Prime all for extremely affordable prices. These witty flats have found their way into my Amazon shopping cart.

Fries Before Guys: Girl Power

Anytime I wear my “Fries Before Guys” shoes, I swear it is a better conversation starter than my adorable Pomeranian, Nahla. The only person who isn’t too fond of them is my boyfriend, James lol. If you’re in a relationship maybe consider going with one of the other pairs. Women’s comments fall along the lines of “yes! I need those” and men just tend to laugh and say “funny shoes!”–  these babies truly have the power to meet new people and share some good laughs. The best part: they’re extremely comfortable!

Eye Can’t: The Lounger Sandals

If you’re lounging at home, feeling super lazy and watching Nextflix, you’re probably waiting for Postmates to arrive at your apartment. Point being, I know how it is when you’re not in the mood for anyone or anything and you just want to be a homebody. These easy slip on sandals will be sure to deliver the message when you step out of your apartment for those two minutes to meet the delivery guy in front of your building. 

Rose All Day: More Chic Version of the Lounger

Feeling like relaxing at home the chic way? Maybe you have a few girlfriends coming over and you’re gonna lay by the pool with some Rosé.. all day.. anyway. You can give yourself permission to go all out with these slip ons. This would definitely be my number one weekend sandal. Cheers to rose and comfort woo!

Shell Yeah: Enthusiastic, Down for Whatever Girl

Are you the type who’s always down? If you find yourself saying “hell yeah!” when friends ask you to join them at the beach or any other activity, these shoes will fit your mood. It actually took me a while to get the message of these, at first I thought the message was “Sea Yah”, so you can clear that up if it comes up in conversation. If you are always energetic and sporting a can-do, positive attitude, these are probably the ones for you. (Or if you’re just a beach babe who wants comfy casual shoes to wear and you like the pink sea shell.)

Extra Fries: Caught Me Slippin’

These are for the girls who somehow have a rockin’ body but they don’t exercise or diet, why not deliver the message on your feet. Or, maybe one of your friends keeps trying to hold you to that yoga class you promised you would do with them and you can be like– “I’m pretty sure extra fries sounds exactly like exercise”.Shoes under $25 that deliver a message like that?? Now that’s value. No need to speak twice with these babies.

If you’re having a hard time deciding between these amazing shoes, go with the one that fits your personality and routine the most. I know you’re leaning towards Rosé all day since that’s probably what you spend your weekends doing lol.

Let’s review your options:

    1. Fries B4 Guys 
    2. Eye Can’t
    3. Rosé All Day
    4. Shell Yeah
    5. Exercise Extra Fries 

Which one made you smile when you read it? Yah I thought so, Rosé, we get it. Remember you can buy any of these shoes under $25 on Amazon Prime. These could be at your door in two days! Let me know what you end up getting and comment below with funny conversation starters you experience when you wear them!

Funny Shoes Under $25

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